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Our standards are most companies options

In today's throw-away world, does quality even really matter any more?  At Ridgeview Millwork, we believe it does.  Unlike furniture or appliances which can be easily replaced, cabinetry is a permanent part of your home ( it's usually trapped under a very expensive piece of stone countertop).  Kitchens especially get used and abused on a daily basis and it's important that your cabinetry provide years of service.  

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We start with quality materials including locally sourced , high quality hardwood lumber and domestic plywood, 

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Then we add the best slides and hinges

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We combine traditional craftsmanship

and modern manufacturing techniques

When we hear words like highest quality, custom, only the best, we automatically associate with high price, over budget, more than I really need.  We then settle for an inferior product when the reality is there may not have been much difference in price.  There is a misconception in this buisness that you have two choices.  Ultra high end custom cabinetry or mass produced "semi-custom"

The reality is you can have quality cabinetry, built to last,  designed specifically for your space, at a reasonable price.   Contact us today to see the Ridgeview difference.

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