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We design, build, and install your cabinetry so we truly are with you through the entire process.

Step 1  - We send you a simple survey to help us understand your design dreams as well as                      your practical needs.

Step 2  -  We meet with you at our  design center in the historic Wetsel seed building  at 128                       West Market St. in beautiful downtown Harrisonburg. (yep, we've got plenty of                           free  on-site parking)  This is not your typical showroom where anyone can walk in                  off the street and be greeted by pushy salespeople, cluttered displays and stacks of                    brochures.  Instead we created a space  to meet one-on-one to discuss and design                        your dream space.  

Step 3 - Using basic measurements  you provide in the survey, we design and price  your                         cabinetry, including floorplan and  3-D color renderings.  You can view these at no                     cost or we can release copies for $250 which will be applied to your cabinetry                              purchase.

Step 4 -  Once we receive approval and a deposit, we build your cabinetry in our local                                manufacturing facility.   We welcome you to visit our shop to see your cabinetry                          being crafted.


Step 5 - Once your cabinetry is complete, we schedule installation by our own team. 


Learn more about our survey

and measuring your kitchen

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Learn more about our design center

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Learn more about our design process

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Learn more about installation 

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